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Our many feet coffee table is made from solid walnut, with a solid whitened maple top. It's design mimics our original pencil sketch. keeping the movement and imperfect lines helps to create a table that feels alive. Almost like it may get up and walk away. A fun and dynamic centre piece for any room. 


Table is 48'' in diameter with a height of 13''


This table like all our furniture is made by hand in our small workshop in Vancouver Canada. We place care and attention to each piece. Blending Classic joinery techniques with modern innovation.

Many Feet Coffee Table

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  • This item is handmade in our studio in Vancouver and is made to order. In stock,  please allow 10 business days for packing and crating.

    The images of the products on our website are for illustrative purposes only.  Every piece of wood has it's own unique tone and character.