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Our Nesting Tri-column Coffee Tables are inspired by columns left behind by ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Consisting of a line of three columns and balanced on the opposite side with one arch. Fitting well in modern interiors the tables whitened finish allows you to admire the wood grain below. 


The two tables in photos are 42'' diameter top by 18'' height and 36'' diameter top by 15'' height. Pictured above in a whitened beech.


The table height, width, and base can be custom made to match your needs. Custom wood species and finish can also be ordered to match your space. You can message us at the bottom of every page.


Interior designers please create an account to benefit from our trades program before purchasing.

Nesting Tri-Column Coffee Tables

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  • This item is handmade in our studio in Vancouver and is made to order. Our estimated production time is  8-12 weeks. 

    The images of the products on our website are for illustrative purposes only.  Every piece of wood has it's own unique tone and character.